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To think you could take a train from Boston, New York, or other big cities beyond and be dropped off in the middle of the wilderness, several hundred miles from anywhere…right at the water’s edge of Moosehead Lake, then take a steamboat to a grand 600-guest resort hotel in the midst of the Maine woods.  In 1900 you could do this.  Thousands of people escaped from the hustle, bustle, and heat of the cities to the wilderness of the Moosehead Lake Region – for the same reasons they do today.

Now imagine over 25 steamboats cruising Moosehead Lake ferrying tourists, sportsmen, businessmen, and cargo, or even towing logs.  What happened to all of them?  

While we can’t go back in time, we can visit the underwater remains of the steamboats, show their history, and tell the stories of those whose lives were impacted.   By combining high-definition underwater video, interviews, and historic images, this historical documentary tells the real-life tale of three sunken steamboats and what happened to them, while also providing an overview of steamboating history on Moosehead Lake.  Your support is needed to make Sunken Steamboats of Moosehead Lake possible.  Produced in partnership with the Moosehead Marine Museum, Moosehead Lake Divers, and the Moosehead Historical Society.

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There are so many ways you can get involved in this project!  First, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Moosehead Marine Museum for this project through our GoFundMe campaign. Second, you can make an in-kind donation in the form of goods or services. Third, become a sponsor and we’ll put your business logo, description, and link to your site on this website…and more!

Prefer a more hands-on approach?  If you’re a certified diver with video or still photography experience we’d love to hear from you!  Also, if you have first-hand experience or were somehow involved in with steamboats on Moosehead Lake, you may be a great candidate for the oral history part of this project.  If you have old pictures or any other materials you’re interested in sharing or donating, by all means please reach out!

Lastly, it’s free to share…so please share this site, invite your friends to like our Facebook page, and tell your friends and family!

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Putting the final touches on new piece of exploratory equipment we'll be using over the summer! Seeking volunteer test pilots for Memorial Day weekend...inquire within. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here is a sneak peak into the fruits of our labor! Over 2017, we filmed a number of oral history interviews for the Sunken Steamboats of Moosehead Lake film project. Special thanks to Rocky Rockwell, Duane Lander, Donald Wilson, Keyth Carter, and Maynard Russell! More to come! Please share if you like!

youtu.be/t0I3Uag0IO8Teaser featuring the oral history portion of this project. To think you could take a train from Boston, New York, or other big cities beyond and be dropped o...
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Big shout out to Bangor Savings Bank Foundation for awarding the project a $5,000 grant! This grant will help cover costs for underwater production we will be undertaking this summer! ...and wow do we have a lot of diving to do!

There are at least six 'wrecks' including two we re-found, plus a few more we're looking to find this summer. They'll need surveying and underwater shooting for the film. Between crew availability, boating challenges, the weather, and the lake conditions...it will take us from Memorial Day into September to finish.

Last summer and fall we shot several oral history interviews, and will be continuing to do more in March and the rest of the year. Winter has been a bit slow, but behind the scenes we have been working on some post-production including workflows and mastering audio for oral history interviews we've shot so far. There is also a new film trailer in the works we hope to publish before dive season.

This weekend, a few of the Moosehead Lake Divers will be visiting the annual Boston Sea Rovers dive show to get inspired for the busy season ahead.

Stay tuned, thank you for your support...and thank you to Bangor Savings Bank!
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